Impact Centered Design

At Design Centered Co. we use design to enable organizations deliver value by focusing on opportunities that align with their purpose, understand the people they aim to serve, and define processes that are sustainable and impact focused. We are a design and transformation consulting firm and the creators of Impact Centered Design.


Our Services:

Collaborating with our clients, we deliver value through strategic advisory, delivering products and services across design lifecycle. From conducting user research, to prototyping, and product design, what sets us apart is our focus on impact — thoughtfully crafting sustainability and empowering users.

Service Design

Deliver value

Enable a positive customer journey and measure impact using the right metrics. We help translate user research insights into a blueprint for strategic service delivery across channels and touchpoints.

User Experience

Design delight

Craft products that empower and enable people to succeed. We engage users to design products that deliver value and thoughtful experiences, across alpha prototypes to production ready solutions.


Define the Game

Co-create the conditions for change, set the vision, and deliver impact. We guide organizations driving change through digital transformations by bringing expertise, capacity, and winning strategies.

Training & Workshops

Upskill your team and build capacity. We provide training and workshops to enable your team to drive impact across your services and product delivery. Contact us to learn more about our offerings and tailored training programs.

Case Studies

Ideas for Impact

Impact Centered Design — an Introduction

Impact Centered Design (ICD) is a framework for creating and enabling ideas to create measurable and sustainable change. The design exercise is guided by building a foundational understanding of…

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During heuristics review, a usability professional uses his/her knowledge of usability standards, coupled with their experience designing and testing websites and applications to review a product while stepping into…