Policies and expense rules around business travel can be complex and difficult to navigate but offer fair and transparent management of the public purse. How might we enable public servants to easily and confidently submit their travel plans and have approvers, just as confidently, approve them knowing everything met policy requirements? This was the question we set out to address with our client in the Canadian Federal Government. 


During the Discovery phase, we identified people in Finance as key stakeholders for the successful approval and reimbursement of travel plans. Leveraging primary user research, conducted with employees from across Canada, we identified four key personas to move forward with during the design cycle. These included: traveler, approver, travel assistant, and finance assistant. 


With our client we led research and ideation sessions to uncover opportunities to speed up time to value and address the most critical user pain points. Working in Agile we developed wireframes and prototypes, tested them with users to validate and select the best ideas to achieve our impact goal through micro transformations. Our product roadmap and design specifications provide a robust product backlog to support production. 

Value delivered

An award winning, policy driven travel calculator that equips public servants to submit their travel plan, and enables approvers to approve them with confidence.

Train and build a culture of Design Thinking and user-centered solution design within the public service. 

Product roadmap and backlog that is supported by primary user research and feedback to ensure the solution addresses actual needs and delivers value to users. 

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